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Dan Lanza
Dan Lanza


I'm a Product and published Game Designer. My background is in Game Theory, Print, Graphic, and App Design. I believe emotional intelligence leads to great UX.

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  1. Daily UI Challenge: Jan 17 2020 concept uiconcept app fashion app fictional ui challenge uxdesign uxui harry potter fashion retail figma branding ux ui design
  2. Daily UI Challenge: Jan 16 2020 figma minimalism mockup product design neumorphism concept app design ux uiux ui pets
  3. Daily UI Challenge: Jan 14 2020 neumorphism figma design task manager calendar concept mockup product design ux design ux ui design uiux ui challenge ui
  4. Duby App instagram design app ux ui
  5. CGTV Logo youtube twitch illustration gaming brand design logo design photoshop logo graphic design
  6. Cannabis Social Ad cannabis social media instagram design advertising photoshop graphic design
  7. Henchmen! Character Art ms paint photoshop parody card game character design print design design game design illustration graphic design
  8. Social Assets For Glass Pipe Company photoshop instagram social media advertising graphic design
  9. Social Assets For Glass Pipe Company photoshop instagram graphic design design advertising
  10. Let's Roam Scavenger Hunt App: Location Screen google maps scavenger hunt game design design ux ui app
  11. Profile & Stat Tracking Screens design ux ui app
  12. Print Ad for Terrain Company graphic design print design advertising design
  13. Walta Scatter Display branding design
  14. 8 Player Screen & Game Log ux ui app design
  15. Home Screen & Login app ux ui design
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